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Enjoy from the very sky our unique geography, sidewalks and idyllic paths where you can walk while being part of nature or cool off in our second home, which is the sea. A land that in its very essence is adventure making you go crazy at every step. Because Huelva will make you fall in love by air, by land and by sea.


Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche

The Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche is a natural paradise full of unique and surprising enclaves. Wonderful and amazing landscapes in one of the most beautiful corners of our province. The possibility of contemplating the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park or the Picos de Aroche will make you discover a living and constantly moving nature, a special place for your senses.

Strolling through its endless paths, marveling at a Grotto full of Wonders or getting lost among its ancient fortresses and medieval castles are some of the many options you have in a truly extraordinary space. Adventure, gastronomy and history will absorb you at every step you take through the different municipalities of the region. The Sierra de Huelva, a place to dream… 

Doñana national park

Doñana is one of the most important protected natural areas in Europe. A beautiful landscape with inexhaustible virgin beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, native pine forests and Mediterranean scrub. A wide, dreamlike marsh where we can even find the peculiar and singular village of El Rocío. And, as if that were not enough, its light… 

Declared a World Heritage Site, it is currently considered an irreplaceable and irreplaceable natural treasure. Likewise, it is the last refuge for many species that are in danger of extinction, being the imperial eagle and, mainly, the Iberian lynx, clear examples of the enormous biodiversity that exists. In addition, more than 300 species of birds inhabit this magical territory. Doñana is a gift for your senses.

Huelva Coast

Fine and soft white sand beaches that merge with the Atlantic Ocean creating an idyllic setting. With more than 120 km of virgin beaches, the Huelva Coast is a place to feel. Ayamonte, Almonte, Cartaya, Lepe, Isla Cristina, Palos de la Frontera, Moguer and Punta Umbría form the most important coastal towns with an eminent fishing character that you will experience in every corner. 

Golf, activities and water sports, gastronomy, adventures or relaxation and rest... all the options are open in a place to which you will promise to return. An unlimited light from the mouth of the Guadiana River, between the border between Spain and Portugal, to the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, where Huelva separates from Cádiz in a special place… Doñana. The Huelva Coast… will make you go crazy. 

Minería Terrestre

mining basin

The enormous mining tradition of Huelva has its leading role in its Mining Basin. Located in the east of the province, it includes the municipalities of Berrocal, Campofrío, El Campillo, La Granada de Río Tinto, Minas de Río Tinto, Nerva and Zalamea la Real. Its mining operations stand out, standing out those of Corta Atalaya, Filón Sur, Filón Norte and Peña del Hierro; and its well-known narrow-gauge railway, built by the Rio Tinto Company Limited to transport ore to the port of Huelva.

The mining operation notably transfigured an eminently agricultural land into a mining landscape where its mines, its warehouse spaces, industrial facilities and the new neighborhoods and urban centers to house technicians and workers, substantially modified the idiosyncrasy of the area. The Mining Basin is a place with incalculable mineral wealth, exploited since ancient times and a cornerstone for understanding the historical development of the province of Huelva.

vino tinto

Huelva County

Huelva's wine region par excellence is its Condado. Occupying a region that is located in the southeast of the province of Huelva, it extends through the plain of the lower Guadalquivir, from the watershed that marks its tributary, the Guadiamar, to the Tinto estuary, all located within that unique environment. and wonderful that Doñana is. 

The County of Huelva is a predominantly rural area, dedicated especially to Mediterranean-type crops, such as cereals, olive groves and very significantly the vine, with land in which there are unbeatable conditions for its cultivation and which has become as a symbol for their peoples. But the County is much more. Historical sites, appreciate the always surprising and reddish riverbed of the Tinto River, the watchtowers that dot its beaches or the excellent wines from its prestigious wineries... Do you need more to know it?

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